Monday, August 24, 2009

Dear Lady Exposing the Bottom 3/4 of Your Butt,

We are at Six Flags, there are already enough assholes running around without you having your hanging out the back of your "skirt." Us that even considered a skirt or is it just a three inch long belt? The only time such an outfit is even remotely aceptable us if your legs are wrapped around a pole and Mottley Crue is blasting in the background. But honestly I think even strippers would find your get up too trampy. The least you could do is put on underwear, unless of course catching rare diseases from having your bare junk touch fithly roller coaster seats is the kind of "great adventure" you were looking for.

Love Always,

ps. For a moment I was sad not to have snapped a photo of you on my phone but then again, why should you more exposure? There's really not much else to expose.


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