Thursday, September 03, 2009

Dear Prosciutto,

(This is a love letter!)
I love you. I love you so much that I was distracted by you and forgot to post yesterday! I was in a fabulous mood. It was one of those days where New York City felt new again! I sat in the park and finished reading "The Secret" (such a good book) while eating a delectable panini made of you and an interesting combo of your friends; goat cheese, spinach, roasted pepper and olive spread with a lovely hazelnut coffee. Why would I bother logging onto the Internet to write a complaint letter when I was having such a blast with you, my salty sinful friend? Sure I could have written a note to the man sitting on the bench to my left yelling at squirrels. Or I could have written a letter to the guy wearing sunglasses at the Black Crowes concert last night who stepped on my foot and didn't say sorry. (Perhaps he would have seen my foot had he not been wearing sunglasses at night. Sorry dude, you ain't no Corey Hart.) Or I could have written to the tiny little man who sucked his teeth and called me "mami" for at least 3 blocks as I walked home last night.

But instead on focused on what was beautiful- sitting in the sun with a fantastic book and my handsome ham, my porky playboy, my cured-meat machoman, my cutie pie cold cut. Oh embrace me with your sinful saltiness! My precious Prosciutto, will you marry me?

Love Always,

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