Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Dear Recession,

Sorry I haven't written in a few days, it was labor day weekend and I needed to take a vacation from not really having a fulltime job.

Seriously enough already. As previously mentioned in my last letter, I just read The Secret and have been following the whole law of attraction/creative visualization stuff as far as money goes, and I'm still broke. Me and the rest of the world. Or so it seemed, until I watched this:

One of my heros Joan Rivers has a new show "How'd You Get So Rich" in which she asks rich people the title question. Apparently some folks are recession proof. (Dammit, why couldn't I have though of the million dollar idea My Breast Friend?!)

But I refuse to loose it. Sure, I just cried when I realized my credit card bill is due today and I can't pay it. I may have stomped my feet and yelled "No fair! No fair!" when I went to the ATM and saw that yet again, I have overdrafted my account. Perhaps it's taken me a couple extra hours (not minutes, hours) to get out of bed lately because lyingin bed is free, and everything outside of the safety of my room seems to suck my wallet dry. BUT, I will not loose it. I am awake, I am showered, I am ready to take on the day (shit! it's almost 2pm?!) I will not be beated by you evil economy. I will not.

Dammit, I shoulda kept all those buy one free McDonalds coupons my mom always tries to give me.

No, no I shouldn't. I may feel a little defeated, but not processed, fatty, fake beef defeated.

Love Always,


  • At 1:42 PM, Blogger Allen said…

    Words cannot express the thanks I feel towards you for this letter to our dear friend, Recession. Well, actually, those words do just fine. I also could not pay my credit card bill, but knowingly went ahead and overdrafted to do it, which charged me $33 and made me look for the nearest oven to stick my head in.


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