Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dear Super Creepy Sex Doll,

Okay, I'd like to think I'm pretty open-minded about sex, fetishes, sex toys, etc. But I just read about you on and you scare me! A German company called First Androids created you, a sex doll, that is very close to a real lady. So close in fact that you breath, have a pulse, can perform oral sex acts and you a g-spot that responds to orgasm! What?!

Half the women I know complain they can't find a good guy, but you, a fake woman, can?! And you can cum!? Why are you stealing orgasms from the women of the world in need of an actual, real, fuck?

Then again, I'm not sure a real woman would want to fuck a guy who would fuck a doll, So I take the above statement back, keep those guys. Sadly I think your existence just perpetuates the idea that some men don't want a girlfriend or a wife, but just a vagina. A brainless, lifeless, "won't-talk-back" vagina.

I just vomited up my coffee.

Truth is I think most men do want more than a vagina. So then what kind of guy buys you? I sorta feel bad. I mean, are the men who buy that hopelessly loney? Or is this some sort of sick twisted control thing? A man gets to buy a (fake) womanand do whatever he wants with her. Is this type of thing healthy? (Although, who's to say what's healthy or not when it comes to sex? I mean, I've heard of weirder things than having sex with a doll).

I'm just scared, I mean if people are creating a humanoid to have sex with, what other humanoid creatures can be created and for what reasons.

I never ever want to meet you. Ever.

You do have pretty hair though. That's nice.

Love Always,

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