Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear Umbrellas,

Why do I even bother with you? Regardless of if I paid $2 or $20 for you, you always break. I hate how I felt today walking thru sideways rain, praying that you will do as promised and protect me, only for you give up. You throw your hands in the air in defeat and fall apart.

Yet I can't let go of you. I see your collegues abandoned in trash cans and street corners all over the city. I should leave you with them to die and go to rain gear heaven (or hell). But no, I keep you, you failure! I keep you in my purse with a bizarre sense of optimism that the next time I open you up you will magically have found the strength to shield me from the harsh introduction to fall weather. Please, don't disappoint me again.

Love Always,

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