Monday, October 05, 2009

Dear Bag Of Groceries I Left On The Subway,

I am so sorry. I didn't mean to abandon you. Trust me, this hurt me way more than it hurt you.

I blame the idiot teenager obnoxiously singing along to their loud MP3 player. When I first heard the groaning vocals, I assumed it was a crazy old man but once the car cleared it was revealed that this horrid noise was that of a 14 year-old punk in such desperate need of attention that he was wailing nonsensical R&B lyrics. Although his friends warned "Yo, chill. Everyone is looking at you." This just caused the noise polluting culprit to grin and sing louder.

I was so distracted by the rudeness of this heathen that I got off the train only picking up one of my two bags of groceries.

Oh how I miss you bag of fresh produce and healthy snacks! To think, some lucky person out there is having their way with my Lactaid Cottage Cheese.

I wonder if once your all your contents are consumed and you're empty, you too will dance. Dance my bag, dance!

I feel cold.

Love Always,

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