Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dear Chase Bank,

Thanks for making it seemingly impossible for me to ever be in the positive financially. My charming move of calling you hysterically crying and begging you to reverse my overdraft fees as a "customer courtesy" worked l last week, but I guess this week you caught onto the fact that I am clearly terrible at: balancing my checkbook, saving money, making money, being responsible with money, and now I'm apparently also terrible at being charming. It's okay, I need to learn my lesson, my very embarrassing, expensive lesson. Oddly enough when you were called "WAMU" I didn't make this many mistakes. Maybe the name "WAMU" made me WAnt to MUve my ass to make some money. Know what I mean? It was like:

Now I'm all like "Chasing" my tail. Ya heard?

Okay, gotta go! I'm off to re-read the chapter about money in The Secret again.
Fun fact! I used my debit card to buy The Secret and thus got an overdraft fee. Oh irony, you so crazy!

Love Always,

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